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    Twyford Berkshire

    Whether you haven’t picked up a brush since leaving school or if you are an experienced artist wanting to explore new techniques, this exciting series of workshops will be perfect for you.
    Held in two beautiful rural venues near Twyford in Berkshire, they are led by professional watercolourist Liz Chaderton. Liz is an experienced tutor and successful artist, who loves to share her knowledge and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.
    The groups are kept small so you will received individual attention. All materials are supplied, along with a tasty lunch to make for an enjoyable and rewarding time.

    26/01/2019     Hurst£85 Pen and wash
    15/02/2019     Hurst£85 Capturing animals in watercolour
    15/03/019     Hurst£85 Loosening up
    27-28/04/2019     KnowlHill £195 Painting watercolour on canvas*
    10/05/2019     Hurst£85 Watercolour taster day
    07/06/2019     Hurst£85 Pen and wash
    15-16/06/2019     KnowlHill £195 Painting watercolour on canvas*
    17/07/2019    Hurst£85 Capturing animals in watercolour
    16/09/2019     Hurst£85 Loosening up
    21-22/09/2019     KnowlHill £190 Begin watercolours
    07/10/2019    Hurst£85 Pen and wash
    12-13/10/2019     KnowlHill £195 Painting watercolour on canvas
    15/11/2019    Hurst£85 Capturing animals in watercolour
    23/11/2019    KnowlHill £190 Begin watercolours

    For full details of the courses, please go to If you need help choosing or are looking for a bespoke course, please contact Liz on 0798 1013049 or  Gift vouchers are available for special occasions.
    *You will need to bring a canvas to prepare. Price includes a copy of Liz’s book ‘Painting Watercolours on Canvas’, published by CrowoodPress in June 2019