How Guild Exhibitions are Organised

For those of you new to the Guild it is worth outlining how our three exhibitions are structured and organised each year.

Spring Exhibition

The Spring Exhibition is for Painting, Sculpture & Craft, usually held in April or May. The work is selected by 5 Guild Artists who are chosen by the committee and may or may not all be committee members. Work is shown to them anonymously, with all pictures submitted by a member shown together. Every member entering will usually have one picture selected and a grade is given for each of the other pictures (A = In: B = Maybe in; C = Not in). An average is taken of the 5 scores. Sculpture and Craft entries are not usually selected but the committee reserves the right not to exhibit work that does not reach a high enough standard. This exhibition coincides with the Henley Arts Trail (HAT) and lasts for almost 2 weeks running up to and including the HAT weekend. The Guild is Venue 1 on the Trail.

Autumn Exhibition

The Autumn Exhibition is for Painting and Sculpture and usually held in October. The work is always selected by an outside selector and we try very hard to choose a selector from different parts of the art world. They are given a free hand to select in whatever way they prefer. Work is shown to them anonymously and their choices prevail. No one is guaranteed to have work selected. Sculpture is not selected but again the committee reserves the right not to exhibit work which does not meet a high enough standard.

Craft Exhibition

The third exhibition each year is a Craft Exhibition, usually in early December just before Christmas, which is generally not selected and is run by the main committee directed by the Craft Organiser. Craft work large and small is encouraged and can be of any 3D medium. Lino prints, wood cuts, collographs, jewellery, textile art, ceramics, sculpture, knitting, woodwork, weaving, screen printing, glass work, paper cutwork etc have all been exhibited at some point.

Entry Procedure

Forthcoming Exhibitions are always listed in the Programme and on this website. Entry paperwork is sent out by email 3 weeks before the handing in date (which is always the Wednesday before each exhibition opens on the Friday). Everyone not on-line has their entry forms sent out by post.