Member of Henley Arts and Crafts Guild since 1995

Art Foundation – Maidenhead College of Art

Studied 3D Design in Ceramics – Bath Academy of Art

Painting with John Simpson (OCA)

I have met some truly inspirational artists and teachers through the Henley Guild.

I like the fact that the Guild has a democratic policy as  there is an annual non-selected exhibition when everyone gets a look-in. This also encourages artists to experiment with what they exhibit.

We are lucky to be able to hold our exhibitions in the light and airy Fire Station Gallery and thanks to our energetic committee we continue to thrive.

My Style

I am not sure that I have a style.

I like to experiment and I use the idea of building up in layers and documenting the process

I am using sun-prints (cyanotypes) in my recent work. These images are presented as sketches with written notes on the canvas. The notes are used to make further paintings and also as an exploration of the medium, rather than a refining process.

The thing I enjoy about sketches is that they are the start of the creative process and generally not self-conscious. They are full of second thoughts, crossings out and irrelevancies. Bonnard wrote shopping lists in his sketchbooks.

The subject matter (at the moment) is the gasometer, which along with cooling towers are disappearing from the landscape. I like the idea that I am illustrating the things used for storing and producing energy by using the sun as a medium.

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