My original training as a sculptor was put to work making props and art directing for independent art house film & theatre. After I relocated back to my home town, I became deeply involved with horticulture & now my shared love of plants, materials & form come together in my sculptures.

Sculptors make shapes out of stuff. These are our means of expression, whether literal or abstract. I am fascinated by stuff. Exploring what it can do physically & the associations it can conjure. I’ve worked in latex, plaster, soap, starch & lino. My current passion is concrete & we all have plenty of associations with this material! I use it differently. This powder becomes liquid becomes any form in which I pour it & it’s beautiful. It reminds me of stone, so I make fossils. Fossils of the incidental moments we experience living in our natural world.

My Style

Small curio pieces cast in concrete.

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