Studying graphic design at Corsham taught me about careful observation, disciplined drawing, attention to detail and mastering techniques. I developed an interest in the challenges of making information clear and unambiguous across cultural divides, and was able to follow this interest in my career with the British Council both in UK and overseas. I enjoy working in different ways, and have moved towards spontaneity, mood and movement, exploring a range of new skills and materials as they arise.

I joined HACG and it has been wonderful – a group of creative people working in diverse ways yet coming together to discuss, learn, pool resources, organise events and workshops. I was privileged to be invited to join the committee, and was Hon Secretary for a number of years; it is so exciting to see how the Guild is developing and moving forward. Kate Findlay, Kirsten Jones and I started the Henley Arts Trail in 2006 to raise the profile of visual arts in the area, and this too goes from strength to strength! It’s good to be part of a thriving artistic community!

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