Mollie Staley

Mollie Staley was a local artist who was one of the founding members of the Henley Art & Crafts Guild. She and her husband Roy were stalwart members of the Guild for many years and following Mollie’s death, an award was set up in her name. This award is presented annually, for the best picture in the Guild Spring Exhibition, and consists of a beautiful kiln-formed Dartington Crystal Glass sculpture designed and created by their daughter, Jane Grant. The sculpture represents an artist’s palette. The mahogany base was made and adapted for the award by another guild member, Hugh Fitzwilliams, as a collaborative piece.

Recipients of the Award

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Mollie Staley Award 2017

The Molly Staley award for 2017  was judged by RSBA Sculptor Clive Duncan.

The Molly Staley award for 2017 was won by Kasha Lunt for her lovely collograph “Wild Geese”. Clive Duncan remarked on the wonderful sense of movement in the picture. Kasha says her inspiration comes from nature usually especially animals and their movement and the geese she sees often down by the river in Henley.